What Our Patients Are Saying

Brad Rabin is a doctor like no other. He is knowledgeable. He collaborates with you. He really spends time actually listening to you. This kind, intelligent, caring doctor is still my #1 doctor. Our whole family goes to him and we continue to love him and the care he provides.
Gigi B
Dr. Rabin is the most knowledgeable and thought-provoking doctor I've ever met. Not only will he go through figuring out what the reason for your visit is, but he'll also take the time to ask any and every medical question you could throw at him!
I am so glad that I found Dr. Rabin. Doctors like Dr. Rabin are a gem of a find. He honors your health instead of you feeling like you are just another patient. Dr. Rabin is what I always imagined a doctor should be.
Minty S
Dr. Hatano is not only a lovely person but an amazing doctor. She doesn't miss any details in caring for me and has excellent suggestions for improvement in health concerns. If she were not my doctor, I would want her to be my friend. I highly recommend her for those seeking a new doctor.