Personalized Preventive Care

We focus on the personalized needs of each patient to provide the best preventive care at each moment in time.

This means a transition from a disease responsive to a preventive mindset.

The goal of prevention is to rebuild your health from the inside out in the decades before disease evolves to a chronic irreversible stage. This includes a plan to optimize both healthspan (the time we can dynamically engage the world) and lifespan.

Each year starts with a 90-minute preventive exam that focuses on the high value elements of evidence-based care. This includes evaluating ongoing medical problems to make sure they are optimized, monitoring medicines and supplements to make sure that only necessary medicines are continued, and refining preventive approaches as the medical literature evolves. While 80% of Americans die from preventable conditions including stroke, heart attack, diabetes, hip fracture, and preventable cancers, in a concierge practice these conditions are significantly reduced and patients can live longer healthier lives.

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