Direct Access to Your Physician

Our patients and doctors have fluid communication through phone, text, email, and same day or next day visits to optimize care and clinical outcomes.

Direct Access to Personal Healthcare

Improved access to care leads to optimized outcomes with emergent health problems and daily convenience. A typical internal medicine practice has about 2500 patients. Concierge practices typically care for 100-200 patients. These smaller practice models give the physician time to integrate information from outside specialists and guide your health from a holistic perspective. Specialists may offer expert advice based on the health of a single organ. An internal medicine physician can help you evaluate the benefits and risks of a specific approach and also place that in the context of your overall health.

Relationship and trust are foundational elements of concierge medicine. In the context of a smaller practice, concierge doctors and patients have the time to build a personal relationship. That means in an emergent situation, you are not just communicating with an intelligent physician who has to open a chart to begin to learn about you, but instead you are being cared for by a physician who knows you personally as well as medically.

direct access to stethoscope