Dr. Bradford Rabin, MD

Dr. Bradford Rabin

Bradford Rabin, MD

Dr. Bradford Rabin received his BA from Stanford University with honors in economics. He received the Sobieski Commencement Prize for creative thinking in economics for his research on preventive healthcare services for low-income mothers.

In 1998, he received his MD, from Stanford University, along with the Dean’s award for Outstanding Research for nine neuroscience publications examining the biochemical pathways involved in sleep. He also received the Dean’s Award for Outstanding Community Service for five years of clinical care and creating a medical student education program at Arbor Clinic, a Stanford University clinic for underserved populations.

Dr. Rabin completed his internal medicine residency at the University of California San Francisco.  After his residency, he worked as a clinical instructor in the UCSF Department of Internal Medicine.  While his wife completed her medical residency, Dr. Rabin worked as an emergency medicine physician at a high-volume Boston area hospital caring for the widest range of medical problems, ranging from motor-vehicle trauma victims to heart attacks and strokes. Contact us to schedule an appointment.