Nutrition and Exercise Physiology

Nutrition interventions and Exercise physiology to increase the duration and quality of life.

Our practice also focuses on nutrition and fitness. As people age, the driver for longevity and quality of life is muscles, bones, and balance. Instead of looking to nutritionists or trainers to advise our patients, we have a high level of expertise in nutrition and exercise physiology and integrate these elements into our preventive exams which encompass balance, posture, upper body and core strength, and flexibility training as well as innovative recommendations to optimize nutrition and fitness. While current medical practice often reacts to problems with medicines, the goal of this practice is to create preventive approaches that minimize the use of medicine.

An additional focus is weight management. Dr Rabin has extensively studied the literature on weight management and successfully worked with hundreds of patients to optimize weight for people seeking to lose 10 to 200 pounds. While there are a range of tools involving exercise and food, these tools must be combined with concepts in behavioral psychology and behavioral economics. People often know what to do but need help understanding how their minds work to align their behaviors and goals.

Back view of a caucasian girl running in the park with her dog against the sunshine