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Bradford Rabin, MD and Hiroyu Hatano, MD, MHS

Personal Preventive Care with Concierge Medicine

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Concierge medicine puts more of an emphasis on each individual patient to provide them with the highest standard of care.

Invest in your health to optimize the quality and duration of your life.

We focus on the personalized needs of each patient to provide the best care at each moment in time. This means a transition from the disease responsive to the health promoting mindset. It also means focusing on prevention in the decades before disease evolves to a chronic irreversible stage and rebuilding your health from the inside out to reach its optimal state.

Brad Rabin and Hiroyu Hatano are concierge physicians in Palo Alto who combine a broad range of academic, research and clinical training at Stanford, Harvard, and UCSF in internal medicine to focus on personalized preventive care.

They have both received multiple academic awards throughout their training including a Stanford Commencement Award received by Dr Rabin for creative thinking in economics for a thesis focused on preventive care and a distinguished Howard Hughes Fellowship received by Dr Hatano for her research on HIV.

They are also both dual trained with Dr Rabin trained in emergency medicine and Dr Hatano trained in infectious disease. The practice emphasizes a collaborative, holistic approach to care that integrates nutrition, exercise physiology and a less is more approach to medicines and invasive procedures. The focus is on preventive care and longevity medicine with the goal of increasing health span, the period of our life in a dynamic physical state, as well as life span. They can be reached with questions at

One potential benefit of concierge practices is that they provide care from physicians with uniquely distinguished training. Dr Rabin is a Stanford and UCSF trained internist who is also trained in emergency medicine.

Dr Hatano is a Stanford and Harvard trained internist who is also trained in Infectious Disease. While internists often see chest pain or bad headaches, an emergency physician has the unique experience of caring for critical conditions such as heart attacks or strokes in real time. Similarly, Dr Hatano’s work as an infectious disease professor at UCSF allows her to skillfully manage complex infections that are often at the core of hospital and travel based medicine.

Dr. Rabin and Dr. Hatano commonly collaborate and use their dual training to provides a unique perspective on acutely ill patients.



Meet Our Doctors

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A Personal Approach to Internal Medicine

Relationship and trust are foundational elements of concierge medicine. In the context of a smaller practice, concierge doctors and patients have the time to know each other.